Shakya Janapada

10 May 2018  Thu

Shakya Janapada was one of the 16 Mahajapada in the ancient India. Today it is located at the Indo-Nepal border on the North of Gorakhpur district. The capital of this Janapada was Kapilavastu, which includes the modern village of Chitradei Ramghat, Sandwa and Tilaura. Gautama Buddha's father ‘Shuddhodhana’ was the elected president of Shakyas. The Shakyas' have a town called Devadaha, which they appeared to have shared with their eastern neighbour, the Koliyas.

Shakya Janapada including Koliyans had a republic form of government like Mallas of Kushinara and Pava.

Coins which were issued by Shakya Janapada had many central pentagonal and geometrical symbols. Coin might have been struck with a strong force in the central, due to which coins have scyphate shape.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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