Highlights at the International Paper Money Show

09 May 2018  Wed

From 7th June to 10th June, the Sheraton Crown Center in Kansas City is going to host the International Paper Money Show. Apart from auctions, exhibitions, and sales, an educational program will be held on 8th and 9th June as well.

Doris A. Bart Collection of $2 United States paper money errors is a major highlight. It is considered to be the best collection of misprints on the two dollar denomination and was assembled over a period of 40 years. Only two people in the world have inverted overprints on all three series dates of United States notes — 1928, 1953, and 1963, including the unique 1928D note and the extremely rare 1953 note.

Famous large-size errors like the Series 1918 $2/$1 double-denomination note are also included in the collection. Small-size errors include a doubled overprinted Series 1976 Federal Reserve note, printed folds, rare notes with blank-back, and notes with overprint on the back.

Very important design types of the $2 large-size notes from 1862 to 1917, like the Series 1896 “Educational Note” and a “Lazy Deuce” national bank note are included in the collection.

Image Courtesy: Lyn Knight Auctions

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