Sir William Jones

08 May 2018  Tue

Sir William Jones was a philologist and scholar of ancient India, particularly known for his proposition of the existence of a relationship among Indo-European languages.

A great pioneer and the founding father of Indology and oriental studies, William Jones, along with Henry Thomas Colebrooke and Nathaniel Halhe, founded the Asiatic Society of Bengal. He also started a journal called Asiatick Researches.

William Jones was a linguistic prodigy, who in addition to his native languages English and Welsh, learned Greek, Latin, Persian, Arabic Hebrew and the basic Chinese writing at an early age.

After learning Sanskrit during his time as an administrator in India, he created a groundbreaking cross-referential analysis of Sanskrit with German, and English. He also translated many traditional Hindu sacred texts into English.

The Department of Post has issued 400 Paisa (4 Rupee) commemorative postage stamp on the 250th Birth Anniversary of Sir William Jones.

Image Source: Mintage World

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