Postage Due Stamps of New Zealand

08 May 2018  Tue

Postage due stamps of New Zealand were a distinct and significant Postage System. Postage Due stamps were produced for the collection of unpaid or insufficiently paid postage on all classes of mail.

Postage Service in New Zealand was established in the year 1862. Since then the use of stamps to prepay postage became obligatory. The mail which insufficiently paid or not delivered were recorded and sent to head office.

On the 1 April 1878, a new docket system was put in place. The docket was in two parts – the docket proper and the advice. The unpaid amount was entered in both parts of the form and the advice and was sent to the General Post Office Accountant.

The mail was, then, affixed with the required amount of the postage stamp and the letter was forwarded. However, this system became too chaotic and messy and simple and convenient method was proposed.

The system used in United States of America of collection postage due by means of distinctive stamps was applied here. These stamps were issued in multiple denominations from ½ penny to 10 pennies and 1 Dollar and 2 Dollars and were used according to the requirement.

Because of the utilitarian nature of postage due stamps, it was not considered necessary to spend a lot on each stamp to get a special design produced. The Government Printer was therefore instructed to prepare a simple single design for the whole issue.

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