Guru Amardas

05 May 2018  Sat

Guru Amardas the third Guru of Sikhism was born on 5th May 1479, in Basarke village, which is presently known as the Amritsar district of Punjab (India).

One day he heard, Bibi Amro, the daughter of the Sikh Guru Angad, reciting a hymn by Guru Nanak, and was deeply moved by it. He learned from her about Guru Angad, and with her help met the second Guru of Sikhism and adopted him as his spiritual Guru. In 1552, before his death, Guru Angad appointed Amar Das as the third Guru of Sikhism.

Amar Das was an important innovator in Sikhism, who introduced a religious organization called the Manji system by appointing trained clergy, a system that expanded and survives into the contemporary era.

He selected the site in the Amritsar village for a special temple, which is completed and inaugurated in the reign Guru Arjan, and gilded by the Sikh Emperor Ranjit Singh. This temple has evolved into the contemporary "Harimandir Sahib", or the temple of Hari (God), also known as the Golden Temple. It is the most sacred pilgrimage site in Sikhism.

Guru Amar Das remained the leader of the Sikhs till age 95 and named his son-in-law Bhai Jetha later remembered by the name Guru Ram Das as his successor.

India post has issued 30 Paisa commemorative postage stamp to honor Guru Amar Das.

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