Putin’s Inauguration to be Commemorated on New Stamps

04 May 2018  Fri

President Vladimir Putin’s inauguration will be commemorated with the release of a special postage stamp next week by the Russian Postal Service. The stamp will have a text that reads “On May 7, 2018, V.V. Putin took office as President of the Russian Federation.” It would also depict other national symbols like the Kremlin’s Spasskaya Tower, or Savior Tower, and the Kremlin Senate.

A total of 252,000 stamps would be circulated on Inauguration Day. The Presidential Stamps for 2012 and 2008 were priced at 15 and 7 rubles respectively. The 2018 Presidential Stamp would carry a value of 22 rubles.

Philatelists and stamp collectors have an opportunity to create thematic envelopes and get them stamped with a specially designed mark at Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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