World Press Freedom day

03 May 2018  Thu

There is a thin line in between the freedoms of speech and vexing statement in terms of all kinds of press. This subject is also a part of the huge ongoing debate of recent times amongst the scholars. The developing life and the age of social media extend the boundaries of freedom of speech were events happening around the world have spectators, commentators and advisors. It’s a challenge for the government bodies all over the globe to control this kind of flow and traffic.

Today on 3rd may of 1993 the UN General Assembly with the recommendation of UNESCO’s General conference, declare as World Press freedom day. It is also the anniversary of the declaration of Windhoek. The themes to celebrate this day in 2018 highlight the environment for press freedom, importance to the role of an independent judiciary in ensuring the legal guarantee of its freedom and prosecution of crimes against journalists.

This event also represents the role of media in sustainable development and media work. On this event, the UN general secretary António Guterres said ‘On world Press freedom day 2018, I call on the government to strengthen press freedom and to protect journalists. Promoting a free press is standing up for our right to the truth’.

To celebrate the concept of the press freedom, the United State’s Post issued a stamp in 1953. In 2015, the Latvia Post with UNESCO issued special commemorative stamp, to mark this day.

Image Courtesy: eBay India

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