Humayun Silver Tanka Sold For INR 60,000

03 May 2018  Thu

Humayun was the second ruler of the Mughal Empire. He ruled some part of today's Afghanistan, Pakistan and a part of northern India from 1530-1540CE.

During the beginning of his reign, like Babur, he issued silver Shahrukhis, which were introduced by the Timurid ruler Shah Rukh in the early fifteen century AD. These coins are thin broad pieces weighs around 72 grains (4-5 gram). The obverse of these coins is depicts king name and title, with mint name and date. The reverse side of the coin depicts Kalima with the name of four Khalifas in the margin.

This silver Tanka issued by Humayun was sold for INR 60,000. The weight of the coin is around 10.7g. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Muhammad Humayun Ghazi within the center circle and the legend around written in the margin. The legend inscribed on the coin is not properly readable. On the reverse side the coin depicts ‘Shahada’.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Auction

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