The RBI Monetary Museum in Mumbai

03 May 2018  Thu

The RBI Monetary Museum in Fort is a treasure filled with several interesting facts about national currency notes and coins. The museum is close to Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and was established in 2004. It shares information on the complex history of money in India.

The museum has six sections. More than thousand coins along with historical information like Muhammad bin Tughluq’s idea of introducing brass and copper tokens instead of silver coins which failed due to mass forgeries; introduction of standard silver coins by Sher Shah Sur called rupees etc are also displayed. Coins date back to 500 B.C. to the present day. Other interesting exhibits include bracelet money from South East Asia, boat money from China, and porcelain gaming token money from Thailand etc.

The coins are displayed as per a timeline and they showcase how coinage reflects ideologies of a particular era. For example, coins of Gupta Era depicted achievements of the rulers. The ‘Hundi exhibit’ has bills used in the informal financial system.

The museum has a kiosk where people can play computer games that allow you to learn more about Indian currency. Money issued by RBI after independence is showcased in the final two sections. Functions of the RBI and information on the government’s financial instruments are also discussed in detail.

Image Courtesy: Google images

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