Madurai Sultanate Billon Jital Sold For INR 5,000

02 May 2018  Wed

Madurai Sultanate was a short-lived independent Muslim Kingdom based in the city of Madurai, today it is the part of the Indian States of Tamil Nadu. This southernmost province in India was annexed by the ruler of Delhi Sultanate, Muhammad bin Tughluq in 1330. Since, the region was too far from Delhi, controlling the province became almost impossible, so he appointed a governor, Ashan Khanin this part. Under the control of this governor the province soon declared its independence. The protest was turned into victory, due to this Ahsan Khan and his descendants ruled Madurai until 1378 when the last sultanate of Madurai lost the battle against the forces led by Vijaynagar Empire.

Ghiyath Al-Din Muhammad Damghan Shah (740/741-745; AD 1340-1344) was the fourth Sultan of Madura. He was the successor of Qutb Al-Din Firuz Shah. He struck coins in gold, silver, and copper. All the gold coins struck by him are extremely rare. His gold Heavy Tanka was struck in the standard weight of 12gm.

This Billion Jital was issued by him, its weighs is around 3.3g. The obverse of this coin depicts legend ‘Nasir al Dunya wa’l dins’ and the reverse of this coin depicts ‘Muhammad ghazi damghan shah al sultan’. This rare coin was sold for INR 5,000 at Oswal Auction held in Mumbai.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Auction

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