Latest Coins from Eastern Caribbean

30 Apr 2018  Mon

A new East Central Caribbean Bank coin program named Run Runner was introduced recently by APMEX. The first one is called Eastern Caribbean 8. This set celebrates eight islands in the Eastern Caribbean. Scottsdale Mint is going to distribute the coins. They would be legal tender in their respective territories. 1 oz coins – Silver BU, colorized Proof Silver, Gold BU and Gold colorized versions would be released for each coin. The unique culture and history of each island will be highlighted by the coin designs.

The 2018 Rum Runner coins are produced for Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua started producing rum in the early 1700s. It was during this time that sugar plantations became extremely popular in the area. There was a stiff competition between the English and Caribbean planters during the colonial period. People from the Caribbean island sold rum to the Royal Navy to keep themselves safe from pirates. Pirates sold stolen-rum to heavily taxed colonies in North America and the West Indies. The British government used single-sail vessels called Revenue Cutters to tackle pirates and smugglers in the 16th century.

The reverse of the new coin features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the weight, and purity. The obverse depicts an 18th-century ship sailing in the sea. Barrels of rum and a bottle are shown in the foreground. 25,000 Silver coins, 5,000 Gold coins, 2,500 colorized Silver coins and 500 colorized Gold coins are released.

Image Courtesy: APMEX

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