New Coins Commemorate 50th Anniversary of the Central Bank of Malta

27 Apr 2018  Fri

The Central Bank of Malta issued 50 gold and 2,500 silver coins of the face value €100 and €10 respectively on 17th April, to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The 0.925 fine silver coin weighs 28.28 grams while the 0.999 fine gold coin weighs 15 grams.

The coins are struck to proof quality at the Royal Dutch Mint. The facade of the Bank located within St James’s Counterguard in Valletta is featured on the reverse. A specially designed 50th Anniversary logo is also featured. The silver coins feature selective gold-plating, a technique which is used on Maltese coins for the first time. The coat of arms of Malta and the denomination are depicted on the reverse.

A United Nations team of experts had suggested that a central bank should be set up for Marta in January 1964. Malta became an independent nation on 21st September 1964. The Central Bank of Malta Act was passed in November 1967. The bank was finally established on 17th April 1968.

The silver coins can be purchased for €60 online or directly from the bank. A lot would be drawn by a public notary to sell gold coins.

Image Courtesy: Central Bank of Malta

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