North German Confederation and Its First Stamp

26 Apr 2018  Thu

Norddeutscher Bund or The North German Confederation came into being as a military alliance of 22 states of Northern Germany, with the Kingdom of Prussia as the leading state. Following the Austro-Prussian war of 1866, the alliance was formed into a federal state. This was the building block of the coming German Empire.

One of the functions of the North German Confederation was to handle the mail and issue postage stamps by means of the North German Postal Union (Norddeutscher Postbezirk). It began on 1 January 1868.

The first North German Confederation stamps were issued on January 1, 1868. The first issues for the North German Confederation were roulette. The following year, the 1868 stamps were reissued and instead of being rouletted, they were perforated.

This particular stamp is of ¼ Groshen and comes in Deep Carmine Colour. The stamp depicts the value in the centre with a round floral design around. Norddeutscher Postbezirk (North German Post) is inscribed on each stamp.

Stamps of the North German Confederation were replaced with those of the German Empire in January 1872.

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