The Art of Odissi Dance

25 Apr 2018  Wed

India witnesses a diverse varied culture. Adorned by endless varieties of cultural patterns, the landscape of India is beautified with lovely traditions. Like all other aspects of life, the dances of different states in India are also distinct.

Dance is a unique way of communication using your body, eyes, expressions etc. Odissi or Orissi is one of the pre-eminent classical dance forms of India which originated in the Hindu temples of the eastern coastal state of Odisha in India. Its theoretical base trace back to ‘Natya Shastra’, the ancient Sanskrit Hindu text on the performing arts.

Generally, the Odissi dancers use their head, bust and torso in soft flowing movements to express specific movements, moods and emotions. Odissi is a soft, lyrical dance which depicts the ambience of Odisha and the philosophy of Lord Jagannath the most popular deity. Wears on the head ornament called the Mathami, on ears Kappa, on wrist Kankana. Odissi dancer costume includes is a silk Saree draped in a practical and comfortable style.

India Post on 20th October 1975 issued a series of six multi-colored postage stampson Indian Dances. These include the 6 of the 7 main classical dance forms of India.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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