New Latvia Stamps Look like a Flag and Are Shaped Like a Map

25 Apr 2018  Wed

Latvia released a new 50¢ stamp which features the country’s map and is shaped like a Latvian map. It is the first odd-shaped stamp from Latvijas Pasts (the Latvian postal service). The carmine-red flag has a single white horizontal stripe which is also depicted on the first-day cover. The stamp was issued on 9th March, a day which marks the 100th anniversary of the Latvian state.

Latvia had to face several hardships during the 20th century like a revolution, two world wars, freedom fights, occupations, deportations, refugees and a large exodus. The Latvian state was created after World War I. It finally became a sovereign in the territory. It was declared as an independent nation on 18th November 1918. The Soviet Union occupied Latvia in June 1940. Independence was again proclaimed on 4th May 1990. The country got full independence on 21st August 1991.

Image Courtesy: Latvian postal service

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