Australian Outback Services

25 Apr 2018  Wed

The services that come by us very easily are ‘hard-to-avail’ for the people who live in the farthest reaches of the land down under. To overcome the physical isolation of these farthest areas, there are some services to help them in emergencies and in their daily lives. The commemorative stamps of 2001 honour these services on them!

Let’s have a look at two of such stamps:
Transport: Roadways, trains, and other transport services which link the remote reaches are commemorated on this stamp. One such familiar sight of rural Australia features a heavy-duty truck travelling the Australian road network.

Telecommunications: Communication is the best way to overcome isolation. And to facilitate this, the stamp of 45c shows guyed masts, reaching 100 metres above the ground, which are important to the technology that links people who live and work in the remote wilderness of Australia.

Stay tuned to read about the rest of the Australian Outback services stamps.

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