New Postage Stamps Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 92nd Birthday

23 Apr 2018  Mon

Australia Post has always issued a postage stamp to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s birthday on 21st April. The first stamp of this kind was issued in 1980 to celebrate the Queen’s 54th birthday. This stamp was denominated 22¢.

This year as well, Australia issued two stamps on 17th April to celebrate the Queen’s 92nd Birthday. One was a $1 stamp for domestic mail and the other was a $3 stamp for international mail. The $1 stamp shows an April 2016 picture of the Queen at the opening of the Alexandra Gardens Bandstand in Windsor. The stamp also depicts a Queen Elizabeth rose. The other stamp shows the queen attending the March 2015 Commonwealth Day service at London’s Westminster Abbey.

With the release of these new stamps, the long-standing philatelic tradition would be continued.

Image Courtesy: Australia Post

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