Emergency coinage of World War II

20 Apr 2018  Fri

This copper Paisa of Dungarpur Princely State was issued in the reign of Maharawal Lakshman Singh in 2001/1944 VS/AD.

The Maharawals of this state are descendants of the Mewar chieftains of the 12th century. It was once under the administration of the Mughal and Maratha Empire.

This copper coin was minted during the World War II. The demand for the silver and gold had increased and so to meet the requirements this new coinage of copper was minted. This coin is square in shape and its obverse side depicts name of the state, date and value. The reverse of this coin depicts the court of arms of the state of Dungarpur.

This princely state was under British in 1818 AD but after the Sepoy Mutiny and Queen’s Proclamation its total administration control came under the English Crown. In 1948 it joined the newly formed Union of India and became a part of Rajasthan state.

Image Courtesy: Mintage world

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