Islam Shah Suri Copper Paisa Sold for INR 8000

20 Apr 2018  Fri

Islam Shah Suri was the second Sultan of Suri dynasty, he ruled in the mid of 16th century CE. He was the second son of Sher Shah Suri. After Sher Shah Suri’s death, an emergency meeting of nobles was held and they chose Jalal Khan to be the successor instead of his elder brother Adil Khan due to his great military ability. On 26th May 1545, Jalal Khan was crowned and he took the title "Islam Shah".

This copper Half-Paisa issued by Islam Shah Suri during the Hijri Year 955 was sold for INR 8000 by Oswal Auction. The weight of the coin is around 10.5g. The obverse of this coin depicts the name and title of the king. The reverse of this coin is depicts the ‘Fi-Ahad’ legend and Hijri date 955 with Devanagari letter ‘Sri’.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Auction

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