Philippines Chapter of The Banknote Book Released

20 Apr 2018  Fri

The Philippines chapter of The Banknote Book can now be purchased separately for US$9.99. Notes issued by El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II from 1852 to 1865, Tesoro in 1877, El Banco Español Filipino from 1883 to 1908, República Filipina from 1898 to 1899, Philippine Islands Treasury from 1903 to 1944, Bank of the Philippine Islands from 1912 to 1933, Philippine National Bank from 1917 to 1937, Japanese Government from 1942 to 1945, Central Bank of the Philippines in 1949, and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas from 1969 to present are all covered in this book.

Detailed descriptions, background information, sharp full-colour images of both sides without overlapping and accurate valuations are included. Other information like face value, date of demonetization, identification of vignette elements, security features, printer imprint, date/signature variety, signature tables, Bibliographic sources etc, are also included.

Image Courtesy: The Banknote Book

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