Avanti Mahajanapada

19 Apr 2018  Thu

In the 6th Century BC, Avanti was one of the Mahajanapadas in the ancient India. It was in the provinces of Malwa and was divided into two parts, in the northern part it had its capital Ujjayini and in the southern part, it had its centre at Mahishmati.

According to the Matsya Purana the origin of Avanti’s belong to the Haihaya dynasty, the Haihayas were the earliest ruler of Avanti, they ruled Mahismatiand captured this region from Nagas. Later on, this was the reason that Avanti Janapada divided into two parts.

Avanti was one of the most flourishing kingdoms of ancient India. Its capital Ujjain was a famous commercial centre, it was also a great centre of Science and literature.

Avanti Mahajanapadas was also a part of Magadha Empire during the rule of Shaishunaga and Nanda Dynasty.

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