When a Survivor Breaks its Own Record

19 Apr 2018  Thu

A stamp that accidentally survived its planned destruction was sold for a record price. The 3d HMS Vanguard stamp was auctioned in Wellington auction, which brought home the price of $67,850.

This rare stamp of New Zealand has a fascinating story.

Originally, this stamp was a part of a set of four which was produced for the New Zealand Post Office by Waterlow & Sons of London. In 1948, four stamps with the denomination 2d, 3d, 5d and 6d were issued to commemorate the royal visit by King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret to New Zealand on the giant battleship HMS Vanguard.

However, this trip was cancelled in November 1948, after the king fell ill. Hence, a total run of 39 million stamps were set for destruction. But, legend has it that seven stamps with the denomination of the 3d were caught in the door of the destruction furnace and salvaged by a worker.

The surviving stamps received a varying degree of damages. Only one stamp is believed to be of the finest condition. It was eventually sold to an overseas stamp collector for $67,850 breaking its own record of $31,050.

This just shows what Philately is all about.

Image Curtsey: http://www.stampboards.com

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