Traditional Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival on Coins

19 Apr 2018  Thu

Lithuania released a new circulating commemorative €2 coin celebrating the country’s song and dance festival. This festival is observed once in four years in the first week of July. It is mentioned in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The event allows artists to showcase creative self-expression. It is a symbol of national culture. It brings people from different generations together who express their love for the homeland. The event helps in nurturing of the nationally shared values.

The obverse depicts figures of people and birds resembling Lithuanian folk art genres of paper cutting. The design symbolises folk dance and song. Inscriptions include LIETUVA, 2018 and Lithuanian Mint’s Mint mark.

Five thousand coins would be released. The 8.5 grams ringed-bimetallic coin has a copper-nickel core and copper-aluminum-nickel ring. 12 stars of the European flag are featured on the outer ring. A map of the European Union is shown on the reverse.

Image Courtesy: European Commission

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