The Farmer Stamps of Burma

16 Apr 2018  Mon

The Farmer Stamps of Burma The Farmer Stamps of Burma speak of a very chaotic period. The stamps were issued during the Japanese Occupation of Burma.

The Japanese invasion of Burma took place only days after it had declared war against Great Britain in early December 1941. The Japanese Army Administration handed over control of the postal service to the Burmese Government in November 1942.

These stamps celebrate the Japanese declaration of Burmese independence. Hence, various pictorial images of people, indigenous animals, flora, local architecture and Burmese landscapes appear on the stamps.

The farmer stamps are one of such stamps, issued during the Japanese Occupation of Burma, designed by Yano Shizuo and his assistant Aoi Takeo. The central design was taken from the 3.5 Annas stamp of the King George VI of 1938.

The stamps depict a farmer with a bullock ploughing a field. Palm trees are seen in the background. Printed in scarlet, the word Burma and the face value of the stamp (one Anna) are written in Japanese.

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