Notes of Transnistria

16 Apr 2018  Mon

We have seen how notes can be an excellent source of knowing the world we live in. Did you know there are countries that are not officially recognised by the United Nations?

Transnistria is one such non-recognized state which controls part of the geographical region Transnistria (the area between the Dniester River and Ukraine). The region is considered to be part of Moldova by the United Nations but has its own parliament, president, constitution, flag, coat of arms etc.

Let’s see the note specifications:

Country: Transnistria Location: Eastern Europe
Denomination: Kupon 10 Ruble
Year of Issue: 1994

Obverse: General Alexander V. Suvorov (1730-1800), the founder of Tiraspol, is depicted to the right with the denominational value “Kupon 10 Ruble” in centre over a complex pattern and design of lines (Repetitive "chainlink" pattern: Watermark). Serial number and year of issue are depicted to left. Main colour: Red

Reverse: The building of Trans-Dniester Parliament (Supreme Soviet, Supreme Council) in Tiraspol is depicted in the centre with interlinked line design around. Watermark: of repeated chain link pattern with coloured filament fibre distributed throughout the banknote.

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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