Bolivia to Introduce New Banknote Family

16 Apr 2018  Mon

The Banco Central de Bolivia has plans to release a new family of five notes. These notes would be introduced in the order of their denomination from 2018 until April 2019.

The multiculturalism of the country and its citizens is highlighted by featuring the official country name, Estado Plurinacional de Boliva. The first note will be the blue-coloured 10 bolivianos. Gregoria Apaza, Esteban Arze, and Fuerte Samaipata are featured on the obverse. A Lucachi monkey, the Arco Iris waterfall, and a Parajubaea torallyi palm are featured on the reverse.

The 20-bolivianos note will be released three months later. Oberthur Fiduciare SAS will print the new notes. The company had won the tender last year.

Courtesy of Antje Bird and Nicholas Chao

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