Ancient Coin Hoard Discovered in Corinth, Greece

16 Apr 2018  Mon

Almost 119 ancient coins were discovered inside a destroyed building in Corinth, Greece. All the coins were locked inside a container. The mysterious aspect of the event is that nobody has come forward to claim these coins even after the building collapsed. Experts stated that the coins were found circa 30-40 centimeters below modern ground level.

The earliest coin in the hoard was issued just after Roman Emperor Constantine died (ruled from A.D. 306-337). The most recent one belonged to Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I (ruled from A.D. 491-518). Experts who are analyzing the hoard suggest that the coins date back to the time before Anastasius I reformed the Byzantine Empire's coinage system (A.D. 491 to 498). Several teams are jointly researching about this coin hoard. The coin shown above was struck in Antioch between A.D. 378 and 383 under the reign of Valentinian II.

An ancient site is situated nearby, where excavations have been carried out regularly. Many bronze coins were discovered at these sites in 2016 and 2017.

Image Courtesy: Michael Ierardi

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