The Hradcanys – First Czechoslovak Stamps

14 Apr 2018  Sat

Known as the Hradcany issue, the first stamps of Czechoslovakia offer an affordable treat for the philatelic specialist.

Czechoslovakia was one of the successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, established in the aftermath of World War I as part of the Treaty of St. Germain on October 28, 1918. However, an independent Czechoslovak Republic did not have its own postage stamps. Hence, it was decided, that for the time being Hungarian marks would remain in force. These stamps are therefore pre-existing Czechoslovak stamps.

Published on December 18, 1918, the first Hradcany issue came in 5 Hradncans and is of green colour. The stamps were designed by Alfons Mucha – one of the most important artists of the time.

The stamp depicts the Hradcany Castle – the biggest castle of Czech Republic which is also a National Symbol of the country. Behind the castle the sun rises; a symbolical interpretation of the birth of a new country.

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