Coins of Burhan Nizam Shah II of Ahmadnagar

13 Apr 2018  Fri

Burhan Nizam Shah II ruled Ahmadnagar from 1591 till 1595 CE. In his short reign, he issued plenty of coins. During the beginning of his reign, Ahmadnagar was the main mint of his coinage which later on it shifted to Burhanabad. He had issued coins in gold and copper. The gold coins issued by him are inscribed with king’s legends on the obverse and “Shi’a shahada” on the reverse. Gold and copper coins issued by him have the mint name ‘Burhanabad’ inscribed on it. The only exception is the small rare coins which were struck at ‘Murtadabad’.

In gold, he issued Pagoda which weighs around 3.5g. In copper, he issued denominations like Falus, Half-Falus, and Two-Third Falus. Copper coins issued by him come in both course and fine calligraphy.

This gold pagoda was issued by him from the mint Burhanabad in the Hijri year 1001. The weight of this coin is around 3.4g. The obverse of the coin depicts a legend ‘Zarb Burhanabad’ within a circular border with the king’s legend inscribed in the margin. The reverse of the coin depicts “Shi’a Shahada” legend with AH date 1001 at the bottom.
Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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