The First Woodland Spirits Series Coin Features a Fox

13 Apr 2018  Fri

CIT released the first coin from the Woodland Spirits Series of Coins for Mongolia featuring a Fox. Made of 1 oz of .999 Pure Silver, this beautiful 500 Togrog coin has a mintage limit of 1,500 pieces and they were struck at B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt, Munich.

The coat of arms of the Bank of Mongolia is shown against a woodland setting on the obverse. Other inscriptions include 500 Togrog in Cyrillic script and MONGOLIA 1 oz .999 SILVER in Latin script. A fox is shown hiding behind a meadow of flowers on the reverse. Other inscriptions include Woodland Spirits and 2018.

The Fox is considered to be a clever animal in Fairy Tales. He helps the hero in rescuing the king’s daughter or in healing illnesses. Foxes can sometimes become traitors too, leading to the hero’s failure.

The good side of a Fox is shown on this coin. The fox is hiding behind coloured flowers. It has alert eyes, short snout, and pointed ears. High relief of smartminting technology achieves the 3D look. Selective colouring is applied to eyes, snout, the ears’ inside, the throat, the flowers like bluebottles, poppies, chrysanthemums etc. The pastel colours of these flowers create a contrasting effect against the prooflike field.

Image Courtesy: Coin Invest Trust

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