The Red Maiden in the Green Robe Stamp

11 Apr 2018  Wed

Nicknamed the Red Maiden in the Green Robe, the stamp is also known as a 2-cent Small Figure Surcharged on Red Revenue Stamps in Green.

It is one of China's postage stamps issued during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). During the Qing Dynasty currency reforms, stamps with a face value in silver could not be used anymore, and a short period of time would pass before new stamps could be issued.

Hence, as a transitional measure, the green ink was imprinted on the Red Revenue Stamp so that it could be used as a temporary stamp. The Philatelists assert that nine of such stamps survive undestroyed. The only vertical pair is now exhibited in the China National Post and Postage Stamp Museum.

In December 2004, a piece of the stamp was auctioned off for 3.45 million HK dollars (US$444,477) in Hong Kong.

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