Sarvabhata Coin in Todywalla Auctions

09 Apr 2018  Mon

India is the land of history. Many kingdoms have risen and fallen on this land; popular ones are remembered in the history while some of them are still surrounded by the darkness. One such kingdom is Samatata, not many of us are aware of this kingdom which prevailed and corresponded to the Gupta Period.

Samatata was an ancient kingdom located in the south-east Bengal. One of the Chinese monks from 700 CE suggests Samatata kingdom as a Buddhist centre. Coins and the travelogues have helped in revealing some of the information about this kingdom.

The featured coin was issued by Sarvabhata (c.700-780 AD) of Samatata Kingdom. No epigraphic or other references are known about this ruler. The obverse of the coin depicts a standing king holding a bow and arrow in each hand, Nandi standard behind, Brahmi letters ‘Sri’, ‘Pra’ and ‘Sarva/Bhata’ in two lines. The reverse has a goddess standing to right with traces of inscription in the right field and holding an object in her hand. This base gold dinar (SAM 18.1) is in the Todywalla Auction No. 115, Part 1 and the opening bid is INR 50,000. So what are you waiting for? Start bidding and get this unique rare piece in your collection by adding this tiny piece of history.

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Picture Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions.

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