Gold Kori of Kutch

09 Apr 2018  Mon

Endearing, attractive and stunning, this gold 100 Kori of Kutch is a very rare specimen of the Kutch coinage.

This coin was issued in the reign of Maharaja Pragmalji II jointly with the name of Queen Victoria. The royal symbol, denomination Morkori 100 and VS/Bhuj/date, a legend in the outer circle ‘Sri Pragmalji Bahadur maharajadhiraja Mirja Mahara’ is illustrated on the obverse of this coin.

The reverse depicts a legend in Persian which reads the name of Queen Victoria and mint name Bhujnagar and date AH 1866 within the floral scroll design.

This coin was sold by the Classical Numismatic Gallery for INR 1, 25,000.

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Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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