Leather stamp of Austria

09 Apr 2018  Mon

Austrian Post is fond of doing something different and unique with its every issue. It does not surprise collectors that this post has come up with the leather stamp. This stamp is known as an Alpine lederhosen leather stamp.

This magnificent stamp in the shape of lederhosen was issued in 2015. It was also known as leather breeches. This stamp is embellished with six Swarovski crystals, the printing is done on leather. This leather and crystal are landmarks of the Tyrol region in Austria.

The lederhosen is short pants with buttoned fly flap, a traditional costume in Austrian provinces. It is usually made of deerskin, yet the leather used in this stamp is Alcantara leather, artificial suede.

Around 150,000 stamps were issued, this stamp is a distinctive specimen and can be a sight for the sour eyes for a collectors collection.

Image Courtesy: Ebay.in

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