New Slovenian Coins to Celebrate World Bee Day

09 Apr 2018  Mon

Slovenia will release a circulating commemorative €2 coin depicting a honeycomb design on the obverse to celebrate World Bee Day on 20th May. The coin also features a Slovenian inscription that translates to “World Bee Day”, Slovenia, and 2018. Slovenia is a country where bees are loved the most. The UN declared this day in 2017 which was initially sponsored by Slovenia.

The day would be observed globally now to create awareness about the importance of preserving bees and other pollinators. 1 million ringed-bimetallic 8.5 grams coins with a copper-nickel core and copper-aluminum-nickel ring would be released.

12 stars of the European flag is featured on the outer ring. A map of the European Union is depicted on the reverse.

Image Courtesy: The European Commission

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