Kotah Princely State

07 Apr 2018  Sat

Kotah State located in Northwest India, it was subdivided out of Bundi early in the 17th century. It was given to a younger son of a Bundi Raja by the Mughal Emperor. The ruler or Maharao of Bundi belong to Chauhan clan of Rajputs. During the years of Maratha ascendancy, Kotah fell on hard times especially from the depredations of Holkar. In 1817, the State came under the treaty with the British.

Maharao of Kotah issued coins in gold and silver from Nandgaon mint. These coins represent the flower symbols. It usually has legend ‘Mallika Muazzima Inlistan Badhshah Zaman’ inscribed on its obverse. The reverses of this coin illustrate the mint name, Julus formula, and VS date.

The above shown silver Rupee is attributed to Kotah Princely state. The mint name on early issues of Kotah is usually inscribed as Kotah urf Nandgaon or Nandgaon urf Kotah. On this coin, however, the word 'Kotah' is written with a short 'u' instead of the 'waav'. The pesh of the short vowel is not shown, which is a normal practice for short vowels.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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