Bengal Sultan Coin to be Sold For INR 90,000

06 Apr 2018  Fri

Ala al-Din Husain Shah was an independent late medieval Sultan of Bengal, who founded the Hussain Shahi dynasty. He became the ruler of Bengal after assassinating the Abyssinian Sultan, Shams-ud-Din Muzaffar Shah, whom he had served under as Wazir. He was elected as the Sultan by the leading nobles in 1494 AD.

He was considered as the greatest of all the Sultans of Bengal for bringing a cultural renaissance during his reign. He extended the sultanate all the way to the port of Chittagong, which witnessed the arrival of the first Portuguese merchants.

This Gold Tanka minted in Fathabad, which weighs around 10.8g to be sold for INR 90,000 in the upcoming auction of Todywalla. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Al-Sultan Al-Fath Al-Kamru Wa Kamta Wa Jajnagar Wa Urissa 'Ala' Al-Dunya Wa 'L Din Abu 'L Muzaffar’. The reverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Husain Shah Al-Sultan Bin Sayyid Ashraf Al-Husaini Khallada Allah Mulkahu Wa Sultanahu’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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