Beautiful Sultan Ahmed Mosque on stamp

05 Apr 2018  Thu

Blue Mosque also known as the Sultan Ahmet Camii (Sultan Ahmed Mosque), this breathtaking building is one of the most majestic ottoman mosques in all Turkey.

The Blue Mosque was built between 1609 and 1616, by the architect Mehmet Aga, instructed by Sultan Ahmet I. It was designed as an imperial show of strength to complement the imposing Hagia Sophia, which faces it across Sultanahmet Square.

Unlike the Hagia Sophia, however, it is supported by four 'elephant foot' pillars and the central dome (23.5m in diameter and 43m high) is flanked by four semi-domes, making it nearly a square in shape. It is dubbed the Blue Mosque because of over 20,000 handmade ceramic Iznik tiles that decorate the interior, featuring many different tulips, rose, carnation, and lily designs, well lit by 260 windows.

The above shown 1pi blue stamp picturing the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the colour of which alludes to its popular name, the Blue Mosque. It was issued in 1914.

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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