Gold 6400 Reis-Khurjat of Brazil

04 Apr 2018  Wed

This gold coin was issued from the mint of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1785 during the reign of Pedro II of Portugal, who became king in right of his wife Maria, Princess of Brazil. King Pedro III co-reigned with his wife Queen Maria until his death.

The obverse of this coin depicts conjoined busts of King Pedro II and Queen Maria in the centre facing right with a continuous legend ‘MARIA.I.ET.PETRUS.III.D.G.PORT.ET.ALG.REGENS’ inscribed around it. A date and letter ‘R’ are depicted below the bust within the toothed rim. The reverse of this coin depicts the crowned Court of Arms illustrated inside the shield within the toothed border.

The “R’ letter on the obverse side represents the mint, the R stands for Rio de Janeiro. Sometimes this type of coins also depicts ‘B’ letter is connected to Bahia mint.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Auctions

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