Coinage of Muhammad Sa’adat Ali Khan

04 Apr 2018  Wed

Muhammad Sa’adat Ali Khan was the Nawab of Princely State of Tonk who ruled the state from 1930 to 1949 AD.

He issued silver 1/8 Rupee in the name of George V. These silver Rupee usually has Persian legend ‘George V’ with AH date and leaf mint mark on its obverse and reverse bears legend ‘Muhammd Sa’adat Ali khan’ with the mint name. His copper coins are known as Pice (Paisa).

The above-shown copper Pice which weighs around 4.72g was issued by Muhammad Sa’adat Ali Khan. The obverse of the coin depicts star within the crescent moon, crossed swords, shield with date "Sanah 1350 Hijri" below inside circle. Legend outside circle read as- "His Hainess Nawab Muhammad Sa'adat Ali Khan Sahib Bahadur, Wali Riasat Tonk" (His Highness Nawab Muhammad Sa'adat Ali Khan Sahib Bahadur, Sovereign of the State, Tonk).

The reverse of the coin has the legend ‘Ek Paisa’ with leaf mintmark and date ‘Sanah Iswy 1932’ within the circle. Legend outside the circle - "Bi'ahdi Mulk Muazam Qaiser-i-Hind - George Pancham" (In the time of the Honoured ruler Emperor of India - George V).

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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