Gold Asharfi of East India Company

03 Apr 2018  Tue

East India Company’s main agenda was to have a complete control on the trade monopoly in India. To commence this action, they needed both of the coastlines under their command, in 1611 they started to trade from the east coast of India. In Mazulipatnam, the first factory on the eastern coast was established.

In 1639, Madras was founded with the St George fort as the chief factory. Later on, a mint was established at this fort. The above-shown coin which was issued from the Madras Presidency weighs around 11.65 g.

The obverse of this coin consists a clear design of Coat of Arms supported by the Lions with legend ‘English East India Company' within the toothed border. The reverse of this coin consists of value and legend ‘Asharfi Company Angrez Bahadar’ within the toothed border.

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Image Courtesy: Oswal Auctions

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