The King of Stamps in China

04 Apr 2018  Wed

The Red Monkey Stamp or Gengshen Monkey is a legendary postage stamp issued in China in 1980, which is a highly sought-after non-rarity.

This stamp was issued to celebrate the year of golden monkey in 1980 of which 5 million copies were printed. Even though not rare, the stamp gathered a strong market in Asia. Demand for the stamp has made it one of the most sought after contemporary Chinese stamps.

Designed by Huang Yongyu and Shao Bolin, the stamp, in fact, is very simple yet it broke the previous world record when it was presented in auctions. What is the deal about this stamp?

First of all, with strong red background, the stamp broke the traditional design of Chinese stamps. And more importantly, the stamp became a favourite of the philatelists because of its cute design. A surprised looking black monkey made it a must-have for many collectors.

This simple yet very cute stamp is extremely valuable. A complete sheet is worth millions.

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