GoT Silver Medal Proof Cover

31 Mar 2018  Sat

“When the cold winds blow the lone wolf dies but the pack survives”

Cold winds are blowing, Winter has come! Dark forces are stirring north of the Wall, the White Walkers are a legend no more, The Long Night is set to return...the King of Winter is rising!

As we all await the final season of Games of Thrones which is set to feature in April next year, The Royal Mint UK has released stamps and commemorative silver proof medals themed according to the fantasy drama television series adapted from George R.R Martin’s book “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

The image featured alongside depicts Royal Mail’s striking stamps accompanied by a specially commissioned Royal Mint silver Proof medal cover. This limited edition cover features a stamp sheet including five stamps and an information card written by Game of Thrones expert Tom Huddlestone.

Each cover contains a hallmarked, silver Proof medal. The obverse of the medal showcases a direwolf design, the sigil of House Stark, while the reverse features one of the show’s signature quotes – ‘Winter is Coming’. The stamps are cancelled by an exclusive handstamp depicting the Three-Eyed Raven, uniquely tying these stamps to the cover.

“When you play the game of Thrones, you win or you die” – Cersei Lannister

Well...thankfully, we don’t have to win or die to collect these exciting stamps and medals! Go on, grab one and enjoy this amazing Fantasy Novel Series by George R.R Martin.

Image Courtesy: Royal Mint

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