Celebrations in the ‘Land of Kings’

30 Mar 2018  Fri

The celebrations just started in the land of Rajasthan! Today is the last day of the 'Rajasthan Day Fest'. The three-day grand event is seen celebrated in Rajasthan from 28th to 30th March. Rajasthan Festival is a testimony of vivacious musical concerts, harmonious religious prayers, captivating film festivals, musical night, marathons, army show and much more. Currently, the state is full of colours and joyous moods.

Each and every state is seen celebrating. Tourists from all over the country are witnessing the customs and traditions of this great land. The warriors of this state are known for their pride and bravery. The state is also known for the forts, great palaces, and desserts, ethnic jewellery, food, and attire!

The people of Rajasthan are very heartwarming, welcoming and would always sing to you ‘Padharo mare desh’ meaning you are welcome to my country/village".

In the featured stamp, the Post department of India had perfectly depicted the scene from the Pushkar Melawith females in ghagra choli, men in dhoti and paghri and their camels. However, this is the very common scene in the Rajasthan which you will come across.

So get yourself in this beautiful state of colours and traditions and enjoy the overly loaded ghee dishes!

Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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