Copper Coins of Sher Shah Suri

30 Mar 2018  Fri

Sher Shah Suri was the Sultan of Delhi. He founded the Sur dynasty in Indian. His original name was Farid and he got the title ‘Sher Khan’ after he killed a Tiger. Sur dynasty was the Afgan family that ruled northern India from 1540-1556.

Sher Shah Suri defeated the Mughal Empire Humayun first in Battle of Chausa (1539) and then in Battle of Kannauj (1540), hence he became a powerful ruler and established the Sur Dynasty.

Sher Shah Suri issued coins in gold, silver and copper. In copper, he issued the denominations like Paisa, Half-Paisa, Quarter Paisa, One-eighth Paisa, One-Tenth Paisa, One-Sixteenth Paisa, One-Twentieth Paisa and One-Fortieth Paisa.

The types of coins he issued in copper are Square area type, linear Inscription type and Mintless type.

In Square area type, the main legends are written in the square area on both the sides of the coin, and the additional ruler titles are written in the margins. Mint name is usually written on the bottom sides of the reverse.

In the linear inscription, the legends are written on the plain surface.

Mintless coins are the one which does not have a mint name inscribed on it. There are a large number of mintless types in Paisa and half-Paisa.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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