8th Water Forum and Protection of Pets Highlighted on Latest Brazilian Stamps

29 Mar 2018  Thu

On 19th March, two nondenominated stamps were issued by Brazil; one commemorates eighth World Water Forum, while the other promotes the protection of domestic animals.

From 18th to 23rd March, Brasilia, Brazil hosted the Eight World Water Forum. Such a forum was held for the first time in South America.

The stamp depicts the forum’s logo with wavy lines representing water flow in the background. The logo looks like an hourglass and also like the figure 8. This denotes both urgency, as well as the 8th forum. The map of South America and a symbolic drop of water are also included in the logo. A green and blue Portuguese inscription translates to “Sharing Water” in English, which is also the theme of the forum.

A dog and a Cat are depicted on the Defence Animal Stamp along with the Portuguese words for “love,” “respect” and “life”.

Image Courtesy: Brazilian Post

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