Series 1891 $5 Treasury Note with Courtesy Autograph to be Auctioned

29 Mar 2018  Thu

Heritage Auction is going to offer a Series 1891 $5 Treasury Friedberg 362 note on 1st May. The note is unique because it features signatures of two treasurers of the US, one on top of the other, printed intentionally. One of them is a courtesy autograph of John Burke, treasurer of the US (1st April 1913 – 5th January 1921), making this note even more desirable among collectors. Another one is a facsimile signature of Enos H. Nebeker, treasurer of the US ( 25th April 1891 – 31st May 1893). The note features the serial number B1, and is graded New 62 by PCGS Currency. There are no other serial number 1 examples as B is the only serial number prefix. The trend of using a star to indicate replacement notes started later. In this case, the Star is used as a security feature so that the serial number is not changed.

It was a part of the Albert A. Grinnell Collection earlier and was auctioned on 25th November 1944 for $42. It appeared again in the market only in 1963 when it was bought by the current consignor.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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