Latest Hungarian Postage Stamp Celebrates Easter

28 Mar 2018  Wed

On 2nd March, Hungary issued new a non-denominated, domestic-rate definitive stamp celebrating Easter. The stamp features the Hungarian inscription “Husvet” which means “Easter” in English. Another vertical Hungarian inscription reads “Belfold” which means “inland” in English.

The watercolour image on the stamp is created by Edit Szalma who is an illustrator of children’s books. A pussy willow twig, a bird, a lamb, and eggs and paintbrushes are depicted in four quadrants. The image also features four attached labels which include Easter Greetings in four different languages.

The crowd waved palm leaves as Jesus entered Jerusalem. The pussy willow twig featured on the stamp symbolises these palm leaves. Christians celebrate this event every year on Palm Sunday.

The stamps were printed in sheets of 50 by Patria Nyomda.

Image Courtesy: Hungarian Post

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