50,000 shilling of Uganda

28 Mar 2018  Wed

Amongst the beautiful banknotes in the world, this note of Uganda has secured its place as the Banknote of 2010 by the international banknote society (IBNS). It was decided through a poll by the members of this society.

This banknote has strong design elements like the watermark of the head of a crescent crane, outlines of the map of Uganda, the symbol that celebrated the birth of the nation, the celebration of Uganda independence in October 1962, etc.

The front of this spectacular note illustrates a striding movement in the left with the Bwindi tropical rain forest in the centre-left while the denomination and images of the shield at centre right with watermark space at the right.

The reverse of this note illustrates silverback of a mountain and a gorilla in the centre. The feature that makes this note more attractive is its vibrant colours like brown and gold.

The British Security Press printed this note; it was designed in cooperation with the Bank of Uganda.

Image Courtesy: Ebay.com

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