Marriages, embroidery, gifts, and notes

27 Mar 2018  Tue

The land of Rajasthan is just as beautiful as it looks, attracting a number of tourists every year, Rajasthan has become the popular center for its colorful culture.

There are number of tribes in Rajasthan which have their own customs and traditions. From their costumes to their jewelry, everything seems to be exciting and beautiful. Meghwal one the community in Rajasthan which is known for it’s distinguished hand embroidery and this is very beautifully seen on the clothes they wear. Dazzling and shining, the bright colors in the sunny desert, one just can’t take their eyes off them! More surprisingly, we come across woman preparing gifts for his groom.

Well… singing in tune with their hands busy making embroidery on currency notes. Yes! They decorate the currency note and gift it to their husbands. One of the decorative notes can be seen in the given picture. Isn’t it a beautiful piece of art?

Have you ever seen something like this which has some sort of tradition, art, and innovation!

Well, we don't really think so! Such quirky dazzling pieces of art can only be seen in India.

Picture Credit: Gaatha

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